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About Griffith Littlehale

A resident of Toledo, Ohio, Griffith Robert “Griff” Littlehale has diverse interests that range from psychology to organic chemistry. He is also a self-taught student of philosophy who counts Socrates, Rene Descartes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, John Locke, and Jacques Ranciere among his favorite thinkers. In addition to appreciating the philosophical literary work of Albert Camus, Griffith Robert “Griff” Littlehale enjoys reading the prose and poetry of creative fiction writers ranging from Bret Easton Ellis to Edgar Allan Poe.

A skilled artist, Mr. Littlehale has significant experience in both sketching and graphic design. In recent years, he has produced multiple pieces for commission and to advertise various events. His work includes a poster promoting a performance of the musical West Side Story at the Franciscan Theater at Lourdes University, and both a Thanksgiving card and a Christmas card for the St. Francis de Sales Catholic church. Mr. Littlehale has also depicted multiple dramatic city skylines.

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